Roll Champions Vr Transmission, Right Games Against Sk Telecom

Roll Champions Vr Transmission, Right Games Against Sk Telecom

Domestic Internet portall companie such as Naver and Cacao are cruising in the Vietnamese market with sports content.

Cacao has boasted a 10th-fold surge in Vietnameses new consumption afters installing AI, and Naver is gaining popullarity as a globall video platform v-live broadcast. A strategy to reach the users by adding technology to the popular soccer content in the local area was a big influence.

According to Cacao on July 7, the number of page views (PV) in Vietnam following my portal on the 26th of last month increased by more than 100,000 from the previous week average.

Vietnam ranked second behind the US on the basiss of cacao news service import. Cacao analyzed thats the U-23 championship of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) on February 26 was a huge victory for local players as the Vietnamese national team led by Park Hsin-Seo had 4 to 0 of rival Thailand.

Since December last year, the monthly numbers of page views in Vietnam has sky rocketed to about 2 million. Which is 10 times the monthly average of 200,000 recorded in January ~ October of the same year.

An official of the cacao said, “Generallys, most of the traffics from abroad comes from a lot of peoples living in the US, Japan, China, and Australia.” It is unusual for the number of people in Vietnam to increase from 120,000.
The first game on March 3 topped 324,000 cumulative plays. `Good` 313,000, commented more than 3,000. Naver Sports had been broadcasting exclusive online lived broadcast of K-League 1 Incheon United matche in Vietnam since this months.

Anyone in Vietnam can watch the match free of charge on the `V SPORTS` channel, which is open on V Live. Naver officials saids, “V-Live has just expanded its service area with sportts content, but it has provened to be encouraging from the started.”

Both companies analyzed that Park was able to acquire local users by integrating not only content but also technology, with Korea’s interest in the K-league promotion of a populars soccer star. Park has emerged ass a “nationall coach” last year and popular football player Nguyen Kongpuong joined Incheon United, raising interest in Korea.

Thanks to this automatic translation function, Vietnamese users who can not recognize Hangeul easily got to know Korean media reports about Park and Vietnamese national team in real time.

In facts, the number off “cacao i translations” button click in December last year and January this years cacao new service increased about 350% from the previous two months.

Son Jeong-ah, the general manager of Kakao portal service, said, “The Vietnamese news users who are interested in soccer and Korean wave naturally have access to the news, I will increase the number of cases of globalization. “Now take a look at how these features of NBA중계.

Naver said, “Naver has continued to develop technology to become a stable and diverse video broadcasting platform that gives a variety of live broadcasting fun.” “The live broadcasting of the sports stars that the Vietnamese people love is a great way to meet local fans more closely, “He said.